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Obsession du Jour: Rebecca Minkoff

August 17, 2009

Even if it’s still sizzling hot August, I have been looking for the perfect fall bag. I know the prices are still way up there and most items are on pre-order but I want to browse a wider selection than settle for those that are left available come October. But if I see something that I have to have right now, I wouldn’t wait for the season shift to bust out a new bag. I am quite impatient that way.

I have been stalking Rebecca Minkoff’s handbag collection for quite sometime now but I never really made a purchase. Last week, I finally decided on getting the Nikki in a delicious fall color (Grape). It’s a cross between purple and plum with red undertone. It’s made of soft Italian leather so the slouchy detail of the bag is more accentuated. I was always into classic, will-never-go-out-of-style hues like blacks, browns and white but this time I made the color plunge. I got the husband’s seal of approval when I showed it to him so I am quite pleased. I’m afraid though that this might get addicting since I already have few other choices I have in mind.. in time for fall sample sale, of course. If I can wait. *wink*

{sitting pretty}

 {certified Minkette} 

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  1. peggy permalink
    September 18, 2009 12:13 am

    i sooooo luv it!!!! and yes my turn to palpitate :p darn!!! does this mean i got RM next in line??? *God help me :p LOL

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