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What’s your COLOR?

October 2, 2009

I stumbled upon this blog when I opened my account and was mesmerized by the writer’s zest for life, color and Paris. I was hooked. As I was scrolling down her entries, I came across this post about COLORSTROLOGY and clicked right away to know my color based on my birthday.


Apparently, I’m a Hibiscus (PANTONE 18-1762). And DETERMINED, PERSUASIVE and SPARKLY are the words used to describe me.

Here’s a detailed description of my personality:


YOU have a sparkly personality and the room lights up when you are in it. It is important for you to express your ideas with flair and gusto. Staying within the status quo and being average is not for you. Remain detached in regard to material ambitions and you will find that money and financial gain will come more readily for you. Your personal color gives you the staying power to follow through to completion. Wearing, meditating or surrounding yourself with Hibiscus helps you listen better while improving your timing.


 Interesting, huh? I absolutely love the name, Hibiscus. It reminds me of the Philippines, the tropical country where I came from and we have hibiscus plants/trees lined up surrounding my paternal grandparents house in the little island of Camotes. When I was younger, we used to pick up the flowers and place it behind our ears. Ah, nostalgia hits me!


And just for kicks, I checked our wedding anniversary and was amazed at the result.

blue light

OUR WEDDING MOTIF! It’s a lighter shade of Tiffany Blue but my bridesmaids gowns are of the same color. It’s a good sign!

What’s your Color?

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