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Best Gifts

January 14, 2011

A month ago, I was contemplating on doing a post on my “wish list” but was a bit preoccupied until the holidays just passed by before my eyes. So instead of a wish list, I will be sharing the wonderful gifts I got from my husband, friends and from myself (does that count?).

I am such a make up junkie. Duh. So when I finally completed my set of make up brushes, I was beyond ecstatic. I bought most of them with all the promotions and discounts from Sephora during the holidays which made it even better. My most recent purchases are mostly from Bobbi Brown and these are: Bronzer Brush, Face Blender, Foundation Brush and the Concealer Brush. To top it off, I got the most amazing brush roll bag from MAC that fits all my brushes perfectly. Love! Love!

My husband originally thought of giving me a Philip Stein watch which I liked, of course. I had my mind set on that until Shopbop slashed the price of the Alexander Wang Darcy that I have been coveting for a few months now. And even though I was the one who purchased the bag, my husband gladly agreed that instead of the watch, I can have the bag as my Christmas present. Happiness! P.S. He saved a few hundreds too which I’m sure he’s happy about.

We always have a penchant for anything Zen. My husband and I share the love of minimalistic design. Less fuss, less clutter, clean lines. So having known that, my sister gave us a zen centerpiece complete with a buddha, stones and sand. Now, all we need is a miniature water fountain to complete the look.

I’m a closet bookworm. I used to own hundreds of books/novels back in the days. I don’t want to try to be all intellectual because chick lits and fashion books are my preference. But ever since the baby, I have less time to read. (Always blame the baby, yes?) But I was happy to receive a book about new mothers from one of my best friends, Diane and a Filipino Recipe Book from my other best friends’ mom.

These cute ceramic veggies measuring cups are too beautiful to use. And since I already have measuring cups that I can use without the fear of breaking them, I think these will be used for decorative purposes.

Who doesn’t love shoes? I think every woman, whether they admit it or not, are shoeholics. Some may be outrageously obvious than others but we are all the same, one way or the other. And I have 3 new ones to prove my love. I got this Joie Escapade platforms (left) which I know are not appropriate around this time but will be perfect for the warmer season. This patent, nude cutaway pumps (right) are from my other best friend, Ella. It’s more formal compared to the first pair but every girl needs cute nude pumps, right? Lastly, these Miu Mius (center) were a last minute purchase. We found out that Barney’s had a huge shoe sale and my crazy, shoe-obsessed sister rushed after work and snatched these gorgeous, pale pink patent ballet flats with studs and bow detail. Very dainty, feminine and very me.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. 2011 is already off to a good start. Let’s all live each day with a sense of amelioration. Cheers lovies!

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