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Spectacularly CHANEL

March 23, 2011

I have a confession to make.

I used to read with little light on to strain my eyes when I was younger.. just because I want to wear eyeglasses. I even asked my mother to set up an appointment with an eye doctor because I “can’t see clearly.” Terrible, I know.  But I was so obsessed with those cute pink frames that I fakely squinted my eye examination. I was unsuccessful, of course and even if I had to get a pair of eyeglasses (without prescription) back in college to cover my sty, I love having close to perfect eyesight.

But not for long. Karma hit me when I had my recent appointment at the DMV and I couldn’t read the letters in front of me. Then comes a series of migraines, squinting in front of the computer and even while watching tv. Now, I really NEED to wear one and honestly I was not very happy about it. Although, the part where choosing my frames really excites me, it also saddens me that I am getting a wee bit older. HAHA!

Now, the doctor suggested that I use contact lenses since I would only need correction for my right eye. I do agree that it’s the practical thing to do but that actually didn’t stop me from choosing the Chanel frames with its signature white Camelia design that’s oh so chic. I figured, if I’m going to be wearing eyeglasses now, I might as well get the black frames to feel spectacularly geek.. in Chanel’s!

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