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Balenciaga.. Again!

July 20, 2011

It is no surprise that I have been smitten by Balenciaga since who knows when. I can’t actually recall what transpired and what irked my curiosity with these famous motorcycle bags but after acquiring my first designer bag, I told myself that my next purchase would be the “IT” bag. After months of contemplating and saving, I took the plunge and got my first Balenciaga bag. (Previous post here) And although I was searching for my next bag a few weeks after the purchase (I’m an addict, so sue me!), nothing really tickled my fancy. I think the ultimate bag for any bagholics out there is the classic Chanel and out-of-this-world Hermes but since I don’t want to spend more than how much we pay for our monthly bills (rent included) I’m sticking to my beloved Balenciaga.

I know I want Rose Gold Giant Hardware this time, it’s less flashy with a vintage feel. I know I am getting the Work to accommodate a few other “essentials”. And since I went with a very light and feminine color the first time, now I have decided to get a darker (hopefully less maintenance) color.

So it’s down to..

Dark Night (navy blue)

Anthracite (grayish teal) *pic shows Gold Hardware


To be honest, I am still debating up to now, to the point of involving my husband which is ridiculous because he couldn’t care less. I guess I’m leaving it all out to fate. When it’s time to get my bag, I will choose the most amazing, squishy leather be it Dark Night, Anthracite or Black and be in bag heaven (and ban) for a few weeks… until I start looking for my next bag.

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