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My Little Builder’s Construction-Themed Birthday Party

July 20, 2011

Aiden’s fascination with construction trucks prompted me to use it as a theme for his second birthday party. I know it’s a bit common but instead of using Bob the Builder, I took the traditional route and did the classic yellow and black CAT/Tonka trucks theme. It was just a small party with a few of our family and friends and it was held at Giggles ‘n’ Hugs in Century City and we all had a blast. I love kid’s parties and I can’t wait for his third birthday. I start planning 6 months in advance. Yes, I am that detail-oriented with a slight case of OCD.

{Construction Cake by Porto’s}

{Yellow Gift Bags with Kid’s Names and Party Favors}

{My birthday boys in matching yellow polo shirts and blue jeans}

{Makaio or Kekoa playing – still can’t tell them apart}

{Play Area}

{Yummy Giggles Burger}

{Hotdog and fruits for the kids}

{Pesto Penne Pasta Overload}

{Mama and the Little Builder}

{Zachary and the crying twin – MK or KK}

{Happy Birthday, Aiden!}

{Yellow and Black Balloons}

{Family and Friends}

{My little family}

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