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Saturday Purchase: Balenciaga Work in Dark Night

August 15, 2011

I FINALLY did it! If you have been following my blog (thank you!), you would know my obsession with getting my second Balenciaga bag. I had my mind set on the style (Work) and hardware (Rose Gold Giant Hardware) but the decision process came down to the color. I have done countless research, looking at pictures and stalking the Balenciaga section of my neighborhood NM store. I was on PurseForum everyday asking the lovely ladies for the best possible options. A previous post showed my top three choices and when I called the Balenciaga boutique at South Coast Plaza last Friday, they have two Dark Night Works left! (Heart beating fast) Steve, my SA, had placed one color of each on hold and I was over the top excited.

So last Saturday, accompanied by my boys, I took a leap of faith and bought my Work bag in Dark Night with Rose Gold Giant Hardware. It had the yummiest leather, a bit of a chameleon (it looked Black at night and showed the tinge of blue in daylight). An extra pair of tassels completed my purchase and I walked out of the modern Balenciaga boutique with a huge smile on my face and a huge dent on my wallet.

And oh, I went to the Hermes store and checked the H clic enamel bracelet in pale pink and I am in love!! Now, you all know what that means. (Very Big Smile!)

{Work with Giant Rose Gold Hardware}

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