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What’s In My Bag?

August 27, 2011


I love reading posts on what other women have inside their bags, especially those from celebrities. It’s like taking a peak at someone else’s life and I am always surprised at some of the things they carry with them. Since the inception of big bags, I often have a hard time switching back to smaller bags since things get accumulated and its harder to streamline what’s important and those just deemed a “necessity”.

Anyhow, I snapped a picture of what’s inside my bag and see all the things I carry around with me. I have little pouches to keep the contents organized. Such a controlled mess, I should say.


– Balenciaga Work in Dark Night: I love the slouchy feel and it’s buttery leather. I also love the fact that it can fit all my stuff without it bursting at the seams

– Prada Saffiano Wallet: Continental wallet in a pop of blue, compact and classy

– Black Le Sportsac Pouch: My mini emergency kit (also contains my little wooden rosary from Italy, Sto. Nino and prayer book that I always carry around with me)

– Acca Kappa Black Comb

– Gum

– RayBan Aviators: my all-time favorite

– White iPhone 4: I am a recent iPhone convert

– Prada Cosmetic Pouch

– Cole Haan Flat Pouch: Contains membership cards, reward cards and receipts that won’t fit inside my wallet

– Chanel Eye Glasses: I need it now more than ever

– Pink iPod Nano


– Kleenex wipes

– Dental floss

– Deborah Lippmann Rich Girl Hand Cream: Obsessed!!

– Eucerin Calming Creme: Those icky dry spots need instant moisturizing

– Vaseline Lip Therapy in Cherry

– Fresh Sugar Lip Balm in Honey: Tastes good! I love it so much I can’t keep it on.

– Mini Tide To-Go Stick: An essential for someone with an active toddler

– Nail Clipper: I am prone to chipped nails. It’s often safer to clip it than to leave it chipped. Trust me. It scratches your skin or damages sensitive fabrics like silk

– Band-aids: Those unexpected or sometimes expected blisters due to ridiculously uncomfortable but must have pair of shoes. I just used one yesterday.

– My reliable flash drive

* Not pictured: Hair elastics and keys

And although my husband is always kind enough to carry my bag once in awhile, I now understand why he scoffs whenever he takes it from me. Yes, my bag and all it’s contents weigh approximately 7 lbs (the bag alone weighs 3 lbs).

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