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December 19, 2011

Ever had one of those days when you feel like enough is enough? Well that’s today for me. I think Monday is tiring enough and when you find yourself tested in the matters of your faith and hope of the future, you just let your guard down and throw your hands in the air and just surrender all the wails of your heart to God. I know some things are just beyond my control and even if I spend hours worrying about it, crying over it, I know and hope to accept that whatever happens, God has a reason. If he closes the door, he opens more wonderful windows after all. I am just lucky and happy that despite all the tears, I am taking this journey with my wonderful husband and equally amazing son. Also, here are some things that are making me smile because I choose to be happy.

{All the gifts are packed and ready for Christmas}

{New pillows for a better night sleep; even Aiden loves his Tempur-Pedic pillow too}

{Red, White and Blue jackets for our Mammoth trip next year}

{Aiden loves Elmo and he loves his numbers and ABCs}

{Aiden’s a carbon copy of my husband and this just makes me giddy with happiness}

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